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  • Sometimes, winter is magic! You don't sweat if you're photographer asks you to run, it actually warms you up in addition to creating spontaneous images!
  • This picture is so different from what I usually do, but I don’t get tired of looking at it. It’s the moment, right after the ceremony, when Caitlyn and Jeremy took refuge in the Eloi workshop for a little bit of tranquility (the annoying photographer was still there thought haha sorry guys!) A place between order and disorder. This kind of space inspires me a lot, since these are places where ideas born and are built. It reminds me of my art studies :)
  • More colours please 🌺 
Soon i'll be on a roadtrip in Hawaii looking for the most impressive sunset, the perfect surf waves and breathtaking scenery! 
I can't wait to come back, recharged with colours, stories and energy. I'll be ready to capture your unique story from a refreshed and passionate point of view! See you soon lovers!! ❤️
  • Cool dude as their celebrant :D
  • The Old Port to his simplest state, all is about light, they say ;)
  • My head is spinning 😅
  • Friends will always be there! Nadia + Benoit
  • Happy LOVE day! Love it's also family 😃 I meet this Polish family on Zipolite's beach, MX, during my last trip. They were glowing with their beautiful vibe, so i asked them if i could take few shots, here's the result. I just sent them yesterday, hope they'll love it as mush as i do!