Je m’engage à vous fournir des prises de vues spontanées et pleines d’émotions, avec un brin de folie, puisqu’entre-nous, l’amour mérite bien une journée extrêmement joyeuse et excitante, n’est-ce-pas?

Puisque chaque union nécessite des détails uniques et des besoins différents, nous nous rencontrerons autour d’un bon café pour apprendre à vous connaître et à définir vos attentes!

Tous mes forfaits incluent :

Une séance fiançailles avant le jour du mariage
Une fiche organisationnelle pour votre journée
À partir de 500 images en haute résolution
Retouches couleur, contraste et luminosité
Une galerie web personnalisée
Une jolie clé USB contenant toutes vos photos pour les partager
Les droits de reproduction pour votre usage personnel

Forfaits à partir de 1800$ + taxes

  • Sometimes, winter is magic! You don't sweat if you're photographer asks you to run, it actually warms you up in addition to creating spontaneous images!
  • This picture is so different from what I usually do, but I don’t get tired of looking at it. It’s the moment, right after the ceremony, when Caitlyn and Jeremy took refuge in the Eloi workshop for a little bit of tranquility (the annoying photographer was still there thought haha sorry guys!) A place between order and disorder. This kind of space inspires me a lot, since these are places where ideas born and are built. It reminds me of my art studies :)
  • More colours please 🌺 
Soon i'll be on a roadtrip in Hawaii looking for the most impressive sunset, the perfect surf waves and breathtaking scenery! 
I can't wait to come back, recharged with colours, stories and energy. I'll be ready to capture your unique story from a refreshed and passionate point of view! See you soon lovers!! ❤️
  • Cool dude as their celebrant :D
  • The Old Port to his simplest state, all is about light, they say ;)
  • My head is spinning 😅
  • Friends will always be there! Nadia + Benoit
  • Happy LOVE day! Love it's also family 😃 I meet this Polish family on Zipolite's beach, MX, during my last trip. They were glowing with their beautiful vibe, so i asked them if i could take few shots, here's the result. I just sent them yesterday, hope they'll love it as mush as i do!